Privacy Statement

Soap World, Siderius & Coers bv and / or their affiliated companies (thereafter Soap World) respects the privacy of its website visitors and ensures confidentiality of the data provided thereon. The way in which Soap World processes personal data is in accordance with the Code of Conduct Processing Personal Data and the Personal Data Protection Act.

1. Collecting (personal) data on the website

In principle, you can visit the website without transmitting your personal data to Soap World.


Soap World uses non – identifiable data for the control and analysis of the website and its system. For further information concerning this subject, we refer to our cookie statement and the Disclaimer.

Soap World uses personal data from the moment you create an account on our website or when you leave your data thereon. For information about the purposes of collecting your personal data and the safety measures taken by Soap World, we refer to our Code of Conduct Processing Personal Data.

2. Purposes of collecting of your data

Soap World uses its website to inform you about its company and services. To do this effectively, it is necessary that we collect your anonymized data.

We do this to:

  • Get information about the operation of the website and its system;

  • Understand the user experience behaviour;

  • Optimise our services;

  • Offer interesting advertisement from third parties. We will use this information only after your cognizance and explicit consent.


3. External Data storage

In offering its service, Soap World uses a server park, which is located in a Dutch Data Centre, to which the Dutch laws and regulations are applicable. This server park is managed and maintained by the same Data Centre which Soap World has concluded a service level agreement and a Data Processing agreement.


4. Modification

Soap World reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. All modifications will be published on our website (


5. Contact

This Privacy Statement is available on the Soap World website through the following link:


If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Statement please contact Soap World as follows:


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